Discovery Wildlife Park & Campground

5400 42 Avenue
Innisfail, AB - T4G 1P9

Type: Zoos, Campgrounds
(403) 227-3211
  • Discovery Wildlife Park & Campground
    Discovery Wildlife Park & Campground
  • Discovery Wildlife Park & Campground
  • Discovery Wildlife Park & Campground
  • Discovery Wildlife Park & Campground

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Discovery Wildlife Park is a zoo located in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. This facility is dedicated to wildlife conservation, education, and providing a unique and engaging experience for visitors. Please note that details about specific attractions or parks may change, and it's advisable to check the latest information from official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

Discovery Wildlife Park is known for its commitment to animal welfare, conservation efforts, and interactive experiences. The park houses a variety of wildlife species, including both native and exotic animals. Visitors have the opportunity to observe and learn about these animals, contributing to their understanding of wildlife and the importance of conservation.

One notable aspect of Discovery Wildlife Park is its focus on education and outreach. The park often organizes educational programs, live demonstrations, and events to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and promote a deeper connection between visitors and the animal kingdom. Such initiatives aim to instill a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the natural world.

While Discovery Wildlife Park provides an opportunity for people to observe and appreciate wildlife up close, it's important to note that animal welfare standards and ethical considerations in zoos can be a subject of discussion and scrutiny. Zoos and wildlife parks play a role in conservation efforts, but opinions on their practices may vary. If you plan to visit Discovery Wildlife Park or any similar facility, it's recommended to review their mission, conservation initiatives, and visitor policies for a well-informed and responsible experience.

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Opening Hours Everyday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Fees Adults(18 - 59): $17.50
Seniors(60+): $15.50
Youth(13 - 17): $15.50
Children(3 - 12): $11.50
Babies(2 & under): $1
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