• Calgary Zoo Canada's #1 Most Visited Zoo (Photo by E. Lamoureux)
  • Toronto Zoo Canada's Largest Zoo (Photo by M. Watmough)
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Zoo in Canada

Find the most popular zoo in Canada from all top destinations. There's 49 zoo in various cities of Canada. The major provinces in Canada with top zoo are Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Manitoba. And the major cities are Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Peterborough and Granby.

Family outings are never complete without a trip to the zoo. When you live in the city, zoos are the best option for kids – and kids at heart – to see wild animals up close and personal. Zoos are not just a great place for entertainment but it is also an educational experience for the entire family. Canada is home to a number of zoos and wildlife parks that has been serving as home to the most amazing creatures that can be found in the country. You can be sure that every province in the Canada has facilities such as zoos, animal theme parks, safaris, aviaries, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Among the most recommend destinations include: Calgary Zoo, Edmonton Valley Zoo, British Columbia Wildlife Park, Greater Vancouver Zoo, Assiniboine Park Zoo, Magnetic Hill Zoo, Oaklawn Farm Zoo, Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, Bowmanville Zoo, Papanack Park Zoo, Granby Zoo, Montreal Insectarium, Forestry Farm Park and Zoo and many more.

Canada Provinces with Zoo

The zoo of Canada are listed in the following 10 provinces. Click on a province bellow to find zoo of that specific province.

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