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Welcome to Manitoba, where the province's rich cultural tapestry is showcased in its exceptional museums. From the vibrant capital city of Winnipeg to smaller communities across the province, Manitoba's museums offer a captivating journey through its diverse history, arts, and heritage. Immerse yourself in the stories of the past, whether you're exploring the human rights narratives in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights or discovering the provincial heritage in local history museums.

British Columbia's commitment to preserving its cultural and artistic legacy is evident in the meticulously curated exhibits and engaging programs that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you find yourself wandering through contemporary art galleries, exploring the interactive displays in science museums, or delving into the indigenous heritage showcased in cultural institutions, Manitoba's museums provide a dynamic reflection of the province's identity. Join us as we celebrate the wealth of knowledge and creativity found within Manitoba's museums, inviting you to explore the province's vibrant cultural landscape.

There are over 100 museums in Manitoba. This is 25% of all the tourist places listed in this province. Top cities in Manitoba with popular museums are Winnipeg, Saint Andrews, Morden, Steinbach and Brandon. You may find a list of all categories of Manitoba attractions on this page to choose from.

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