Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum

25 Queens Cres
North Norfolk, MB

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  • Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum
    Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum

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The Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a unique institution dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of amateur radio communication in the province. Established by enthusiasts and volunteers passionate about the hobby, the museum offers visitors a captivating journey through the evolution of amateur radio technology, its cultural impact, and the contributions of radio enthusiasts to communication and emergency preparedness.

The museum's collection includes a wide array of vintage radios, transmitters, receivers, antennas, and other equipment dating back to the early days of amateur radio in Manitoba. Visitors can explore exhibits showcasing iconic radio models, rare artifacts, and memorabilia, as well as learn about the pioneering individuals and organizations that helped shape the amateur radio community in the province.

In addition to its static displays, the Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum offers interactive experiences and educational programs aimed at engaging visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Amateur radio enthusiasts can participate in hands-on demonstrations, learn about radio operation and Morse code, and even try their hand at making radio transmissions using vintage equipment.

The museum also serves as a hub for the local amateur radio community, providing resources, workshops, and networking opportunities for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and licensed operators. Through its outreach efforts and public events, the Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum aims to promote interest in amateur radio, inspire the next generation of radio enthusiasts, and highlight the enduring relevance of this timeless hobby in the digital age.

Whether you're a seasoned radio operator, a history buff, or simply curious about the world of amateur radio, a visit to the Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum offers a fascinating and immersive experience that celebrates the rich tradition and enduring legacy of radio communication in Manitoba.

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