Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary

Nunavut, Canada
Type: Parks
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  • Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary

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Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary, located in Nunavut, Canada, is a vast protected area that serves as a vital habitat for millions of migratory birds each year. Situated along the northern coast of Canada's mainland, the sanctuary encompasses a diverse range of ecosystems, including tundra, wetlands, and coastal plains, providing essential breeding grounds and resting areas for a wide variety of bird species.

Every summer, millions of birds, including snow geese, eider ducks, and sandpipers, flock to the sanctuary to nest, feed, and raise their young, making it one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the world. Visitors to Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary can experience the spectacle of thousands of birds in flight, explore pristine Arctic landscapes, and learn about the importance of protecting migratory bird habitats. With its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife, Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary offers a unique and unforgettable Arctic experience for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.

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