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Yukon, a territory in Canada known for its stunning wilderness and rich Klondike Gold Rush history, is home to museums that offer insights into its unique heritage. From the capital city of Whitehorse to smaller communities, these museums celebrate the territory's Indigenous culture, pioneer history, and natural wonders. Exhibits often showcase artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of Yukon's role in the gold rush era, its Indigenous roots, and its diverse ecosystems. Whether exploring the Yukon Transportation Museum, which highlights the region's transportation history, or other cultural institutions, visitors can gain a comprehensive view of Yukon's past and present.

There are 12 museums in Yukon Territory. This is 29% of all the tourist places listed in this province. Top cities in Yukon Territory with popular museums are Whitehorse, Dawson, Burwash Landing, Teslin and Keno City. The major types of museums listed here are history museums and natural history museums. Then there is also arts museums listed in Yukon Territory. You may find a list of all categories of Yukon Territory attractions on this page to choose from.

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