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Welcome to Alberta, a province where history, culture, and innovation come to life within a captivating array of museums. Alberta's museums offer a fascinating journey through time, showcasing the rich tapestry of the province's heritage against the backdrop of its diverse landscapes. From world-class exhibits in urban centers to hidden gems in quaint towns, Alberta's museums invite visitors to explore the stories that have shaped this remarkable region.

Step into Alberta's museums to uncover a wealth of knowledge, from the heritage of indigenous peoples to the exploration of natural resources that have defined the province. Immerse yourself in interactive exhibits, marvel at art collections, and discover the pioneering spirit that has characterized Alberta throughout its history. Whether you're intrigued by paleontology, fascinated by the art world, or interested in the cultural heritage of the region, Alberta's museums offer a dynamic and enriching experience for visitors of all interests. Join us in Alberta as we celebrate the past, present, and future through the lens of our diverse and captivating museum offerings.

There are over 100 museums in Alberta. This is 13% of all the tourist places listed in this province. Top cities in Alberta with popular museums are Calgary, Edmonton, Drumheller, Banff and Lethbridge. You may find a list of all categories of Alberta attractions on this page to choose from.

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