• Banff National Park Canada's #1 Most Visited National Park (Photo by Pascal)
  • Canada's Wonderland Canada's #1 Most Visited Amusement Park. (Photo by J. Thompson)
  • Jasper National Park Largest National Park in Canadian Rockies (Photo by E. Lee)
  • Calgary Zoo Canada's #1 Most Visited Zoo (Photo by E. Lamoureux)
  • Canadian Museum of History Canada's National Museum of Human History (Photo by Shankar S)
  • Toronto Zoo Canada's Largest Zoo (Photo by M. Watmough)
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Tourist Places in Canada

Find the most popular tourist places in Canada from all top destinations. There's over 7,000 tourist attractions in various cities of Canada. The major provinces in Canada with top travel destinations are Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta and New Brunswick. And the major cities are Toronto, Montréal, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Niagara Falls.

The second largest country in the world is quite the tourist attractor due to the variety in its geography. Most tourists flock around its five major metropolitan areas: Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver but the other provinces and territories still have quite a lot to offer as well. Canada is home to 17 World Heritage Sites including the Nahanni National Park, which is one of the oldest. The entire country offers diverse cultural and entertainment attractions for everyone. It is also full of historic sites that will take you down memory lane of Canada plus countless national parks to make you one with nature. Plan ahead and make sure that you don’t miss out on the best attractions in the country.

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